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How to transition from older SDK (v2.1) to the latest (10.2)?

Question asked by powerje on Oct 31, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2014 by powerje

I am working on an application that used a very old version of the SDK (in the notes I was given it says 2.1, though I'm not sure how best to verify that). In order to support arm64 I've stripped out the old SDK and included 10.2 via Cocoapods. My main question is: are there transition notes somewhere for updating between major SDK revisions?


The issue I'm currently running into is this:

The app relies on the "AGSMapViewDelegate" protocol which is documented here: ArcGIS API for iOS 1.0  as having existed since v1.0. I don't see any deprecation status on this page so I assume it should still be around. However neither AGSMapView.h or AGSMapViewBase_iOS.h contain the protocol definition.


I'm hoping there are a couple documents with transition notes between major SDK versions I can follow to help me muddle through this and other similar issues I'm sure to run into while updating this application.