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gep 10.2.2 Poll an ArcGIS Server for Features

Question asked by ljmvdburgt on Oct 31, 2014

I would like to use this input connector with the option "Get Incremental Updates".


For me both by objectid or by timestamp would be acceptable.

However I notice the following behaviour:


- by OBJECTID. Works as expected. However as soon as the geoeventprocessor windows service is restarted the connector loses track of the OBJECTIDs and creates a geo event for every single feature in the feature layer.

Is this behaviour by design or can it somehow be prevented?


- by timestamp on a AGOL feature service with editor tracking on field CreationDate results in a GeoEvent at every poll. So if I have 10 features in my featurelayer with a polling time of 60 seconds, every 60 seconds 10 events are created. The Get Incremental check does not seem to work.



Im looking forward to any help on this!



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