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Implementing: Floodplain delineation using Arc Hydro Models

Question asked by Playa on Nov 2, 2014
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Dear ESRI community


I came accross trhe following blog post: Floodplain delineation using only Arc Hydro models | ArcGIS Blog


I've emailed the Arc Hydro Team and Dean informed me that he is currently busy compiling a document to explain the steps and structure (File Geodatababase) to achive the following.


I'm currently busy with a project where I'd like to apply the following and hope that someone within the ESRI community has implemented the following and could be able to assist me to determine the floodplain based on a generated gauge height to see what the expected floodplain would be. I'd like to set the gauge height to 3m and then 5m above ground level an then determine the floodplain for each. I've attached my current File Geodatabase with the Feature Classes, including the time series tables with relevant relationship classes and domains.




Peter Wilson