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Raster Symbology Issues: ArcGIS Pro

Question asked by sobrienHEI on Oct 30, 2014
Latest reply on May 20, 2015 by kpinkston-esristaff

Here are the issues -



I’m running Prerelease 1.0. I bring in a 1 meter DEM, and change the color ramp to an elevation style. I change the statistics to display from current extent. Everything looks fine when I’m zoomed out to the full extent (see "Initial overview" attachment)



When I begin to zoom in, the colors start to warp to colors that are not part of the color ramp I picked. (see "Zoom In 1" attachment)



When I zoom in all the way, the colors warp even more to a grayscale color ramp. Also, the full resolution of the DEM is not shown. (See "Zoom In 2" attachment)


It seems as if it’s generalizing it to a range of values. For reference I have attached "Zoom In Correct" (from ArcGIS Desktop) to be compared to "Zoom In 2" (From ArcGIS Pro).



So why is the color ramp changing, and why aren't the full range of values in the DEM being shown?