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Floodplain delineation using only Arc Hydro models

Question asked by Playa on Oct 30, 2014

Dear Arc Hydro Community


I'm looking for help in order to reproduce the steps given in the following blog: Floodplain Delineation using only Arc Hydro Models

The blog doesn't specify the structure of the input data or if a Arc Hydro Geodatabase (with schema) is required to achieve the following.


I'm currently busy with a floodplain study (Zitundo) and I'd like to generate a floodplain using the above example based on a 3m and 5m rise just before the lake within my study area. if anyone could assist me to understand the structure required for the input dataset and file geodatabase, it will truly be appreciated.


I've used Arc Hydro so far to generate the following hydrological characteristics:


  • Upstream Catchment
  • River Slopes (10/85 and equal area slope)
  • Longest Water Course
  • Centroidal Longest Flow Path
  • Average Catchment Slope