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Publishing Mosaic Raster as Image Service

Question asked by dmarquardt on Oct 29, 2014
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I'm having problems publishing a mosaic raster that has a time dimension.  I have ArcGIS Image Extension installed, and am able to publish an image service, but the result doesn't carry over the pixel values (every cell is valued at 1.134274E+38).  I followed the steps from ArcGIS Help 10.1  .  I didn't register the underlying data, instead transferring everything (12 rasters) to the server.  Here are some screen shots that might explain more:



What I began with in an mxd  (originalMosaicRasterMxdTimeDimension.png)


Some of the parameters I had in the Service Editor  (ConvertingToImageService.png)


The result, when I drag the image service into an mxd, to view (ResultsNotCarryingOverValue.png).


Would appreciate any help, or if more information is needed for a meaningful answer, let me know - I wasn't sure what parameters to include.