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browser support

Question asked by dknolan on Oct 29, 2014

As most of us probably work in government, I am wondering if anyone in a reasonably secure environment can get the dropdowns and buttons to work. I rarely have time to use this site while at work, but I have even less time and energy to help people at home on my home computer.


I have allowed pop-ups and I have Flash installed on Windows 7/IE 11, but very little on the screen is choosable. Performance speed is also awful.

Other sites are OK for me to use at work. This one is pretty much useless at this point. Is this totally Flash- or JavaScript-based or what? I am constantly getting --do you want to allow Flash-- messages, which I don't get on other sites with Flash.


Don't think I can ask to add anything other than Chrome or FireFox and I can't control many of my browser settings (that is what makes the environment secure, after all).