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Newbie question: Going from CSV to Time-aware layer.

Question asked by dgennetten on Oct 29, 2014

I have a large  CSV file of time-stamped updates from several hundred geo-referenced stations which I would like to convert to a time-aware layer.


One csv file has the station ID's and their respective lat/longs.  The second, very large csv file contains the stream of updates, showing station ID and date/time of the update.  I would like to create a web-based experience where one can slide through time, highlighting the stations when they are updated, and symbolizing faulty stations (no updates) with a second symbol indicating warning (no update for x amount of time), then a third symbol for fail (no update for a larger, y amount of time).


Ultimately, I would like to create a WAB or JS-API version, somewhat like this sample: Arroyo Field Production by Time


I'm still quite new to ArcGIS Desktop. What are the basic steps, start to finish, that I need to follow?