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JS - Opersational Layers are overlaid by Basemap layer

Question asked by shaningesri on Oct 29, 2014

I created a simple JS application.  I used the BaseMap gallery component as posted at Basemap gallery | ArcGIS API for JavaScript . I got 2 problems:

1) When the page is loaded, the operational layers are loaded but no basemap is loaded.

2) When I click the Switch Basemap button and select a basemap, the basemap is loaded but the operational layers become invisible (I guess they are overlaid by the basemap layer.

Now, I want to have a piece of code that

1) the basemap displays in the initial;

2) the operational layers are always above the basemap

3) the basemap's opacity is set below 1 (e.g. 0.7).

Thanks if you can help.