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Integrate a LayerListtoggle into the model of storyMap shortlist

Question asked by bgenty92300 on Oct 30, 2014
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I shall wish to integrate a layer list toggle into a shortList StoryMap

We found this example on the web >





The current code calls a value which I do not understand in the div LayerListToggle.

<input type="radio" name="thematicRadios" value="USA_Median_Home_Value_9153">


I suppose that "value"   is about the name of the map ?  But what means the suffix 9153...


Could we get ourselves the code of this application somewhere with more explanations ?


Have already had you an experience of integration of layerlisttoggle in a shortlist or other storysMaps template ? Or could be other examples ?


Thank you for your experience feedback


Bertrand Genty

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