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help with geostatistics

Question asked by ionutzul on Oct 29, 2014

ok so I'm going to make this as shot and as sweet as possible ( if you don't want to read this hole post by all means jump to the end), ok so as the tittle says i need some help with geostatitstics to make a long story short i don't have allot of experience with this particular feature of ArcGIS and the teacher from my university is from the math department so he know his stuff when it comes to the hard math behind the processes however when it comes to explaining the actual process and where, way and how to use this specifically in the GIS field in particular is either too complex or too general to no fault of his own I'm sure, perhaps I'm just too thick to actual understand what he is saying.


So whit that said I'm wondering is any of you know some resources that may help me understand geostatistics and how to use and interpret them , i used the help tutorial from esri and it did shine some light on the hole matter but any other resources ( that might include examples and exercises ) would be very much appreciated .



My apologies if this matter is somewhat noobbish and "face palm" worthy, but i have to start somewhere .


Thank you in advance.