Layers are not visible

Discussion created by mftbrothers on Aug 26, 2010
i am using autocad vba editor.
i added Mapcontrol1 to my form.
firstly i added Aoinitialize
        Dim productKeyCheck As IAoInitialize
        Set productKeyCheck = New AoInitialize
        productKeyCheck.Initialize esriLicenseProductCodeArcView

Then Loaded a mxd document using
       MapControl1.LoadMxFile ("C:\a.mxd")

No visible layer in MapControl1! :confused:

I can see my layers when i manually open the mxd document. The data is in postgre server.
<To see the data (tools-->extensions-->data interoperatibility(checked)) should be done once>

How can i see my layers in MapControl1? should i do something to enable data interoperatibility in MapControl1???