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How to automate interpolation of temporal data and create animation

Question asked by joshkwan on Oct 29, 2014
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Hi guys,

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I have converted my data using "transpose field" and "convert time field" to make it time-enabled so now the data is like:Untitled.png

the data table comprises of five(or six) columns, ObjectID, latitude, longitude, date, index(variable to be mapped through interpolation), and shape.

I have enabled time( in the properties time tab) but I still need it to interpolate to create a surface like in the thread I posted in a batch processing.

What I have tried:

1. I have enabled time and used time slider but it showed nothing.

2. I have tried to use this table to make NetCDF file, I have set "field to variable" to be "droughtindex" and "field to dimension" to be x,y and t_converted. It did generated a .nc file, but when I used "make NetCDF Raster Layer", it showed error:000276 requiring equal spacing in x and y. Likewise I have tried to change those field input, but nothing worked.

3. To use model builder, and use "iterate feature selection" but it showed error that I can find no way to fixed. I tried to change environment setting but nothing worked.Untitled.png

4. I turned to "Geostatistical Analysts tools" but my licence does not support this extension.

5. I tried to use "res_Event" as input and use IDW or Kriging in "Raster Interpolation" directly. I did generate a map, but it doesn't have time attribute while my input is time enabled, which means there are 600 data with corresponding to one single location. The map did not show what date it is generated from neither does it enable my to use time slider to show different date.


I also tried to search topics and videos on this site or some other sites. But they are all more or less not relevant.



Here attach the data file(in layer12.gdb) and the basin map for you to try.

Looking forward to your replies, I am out of hope at the moment.