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Implementing NENA Schema

Question asked by stonejd on Oct 28, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2018 by stonejd

We are involved in a statewide NENA project which will ultimately make all the 911 addressing info, minus the personal stuff, available online for maintenance (if you choose to use the online system), viewing, and analysis purposes. We have already had our data converted to the NENA standards and returned to us where it has happily sits collecting dust while we try to figure out how to get the NENA schema into the production/live database used by the 911 center.


In regards to or update I have been asked to accomplish the following and am hoping you might have some insight on:

  1. Update the data to the new NENA standards (time consuming but not really a problem)
    1. Has anyone found an efficient way to QA/QC their data per the NENA standards?
  2. Update the schema of the existing dispatch database
    1. Would it be best to give them the schema xml to import to a new live/production database?
    2. Or have them change the schema in the existing database?
    3. Or just import the NENA compliant database onto their server as a SDE/SQL database once I finish updating everything?
    4. Is there anything I should be looking out for? Be wary of?
    5. Would it be better to wait until the update/mgration to the new CAD system is done?
  3. Load the data into the new schema (again, not a huge issue)


Any help/advice/tips would be greatly appreciated.