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Print Author's name on Map

Question asked by Gatekeepers on Oct 28, 2014
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I have created a set of map templates for use by our GIS department.  One of the reasons for the template is to quickly identify a map that was produced in our department as opposed to anyone else in the agency who happens to use ArcMap.  Our template has our department name as well as a dynamic text which displays the file path to where the map document is saved.  However, the problem we have is that others are able to get a hold copies of our mxd's and recreate maps using our templates.  We would like to avoid this.  I thought about including the "Author" dynamic text, but the problem here is that no one in our department will remember to fill out the Author field in the Map Properties dialog, and therefore the Author text will be blank.  I was wondering if there was another way to force the author information to be printed on the map page even if the person creating the document doesn't purposefully include that info?


Any thoughts would be appreciated,