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New Feature Type or Representation Rules

Question asked by lyap8408 on Oct 27, 2014

Hi, I am struggling between the concepts of creating a new feature type versus creating a new representation for a feature class. The software in question is ArcMap 10.2.2


There seems to be 2 methods of creating a new feature type :

Method 1

  1. Define a feature class - fields and etc (point feature)
  2. Define Representation rules. I had been assuming that a representation rules = a feature type
    1. Define rules and visual appearance
      1. Overlay layers as required. However, when creating marker layer - some of the symbols I was expecting cannot be loaded. Eg. "Infantry".


Method 2

  1. Define a feature class - fields and etc (point feature)
  2. Right click layer and Edit Features > Define new types of feature.
    1. Edit symbol
      1. Overlay symbols layer are required. Search for "Infantry" - it can be found.
  3. Representation rule is formed - layers that previously define the symbol layout is actually merged into one marker layer


I am confused

  • Does a representation rule mean a single type feature?
  • Why is there a different way to provided to define a features using Symbol Property Editor instead of just using Feature Class Representation Property? Why are certain symbols not found in Feature Class Representation Property Dialog


Many thanks in advance