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PDF export/printing from Esri Android MapView

Question asked by deleted-user-Ohz6rwd1kavx on Oct 27, 2014
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I'm looking for any documentation, Esri or otherwise, that could help me understand how best to approach developing a tool to create a .pdf and/or print an Esri Android map control.


Esri has a native .NET sample that demonstrates client printing, but there are quite a few gotchas in applying that approach to Android...I think the general approach of creating taking the on-screen MapView and creating from that a printable MapView translates pretty well. However, the next steps in the .NET sample delegates control to the System PrintDialog which ain't gonna get me too far.


I am interested in, primarily, generating a .pdf from the MapView. Secondarily, I am also interested in standard approaches for actually printing to a printer. I have done a bit of poking, and finding zero specific to Esri. I am interested in client solutions that will work without a connection to an ArcGIS Server print service.