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ArcGIS for Server dataset blunder

Question asked by kcampbell18 on Oct 27, 2014

Ok, I made a big goof. While adding a feature class to a dataset in ArcGIS for Server, and adding some fields to a couple other feature classes within that same dataset, I failed to follow the correct procedure for Stop Service/Add Feature Class/Refresh Dataset/ Start Server...blah blah. In doing so, I first lost edit functionality to the dataset. I also lost a good deal of previous edits, assets, Attribute Assistant's generated IDs, etc.


Is there a way to retrieve the dataset OR data connection to a previous point in time, so as not to lose all of that info? Or, did I officially mess up?


I believe, in my mess up, I clicked on Administer Geodatabase or something that I wasn't supposed to, causing this wonderful mistake.

Also, is there a step-by-step online guide that walks you through the correction AND that would aid in this future procedure?