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SRTM 30m DEM: Fill Voids

Question asked by Playa on Oct 27, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2016 by Bardet12

I've recently downloaded the SRTM 30m DEM tiles from the USGS Earth Explorer website. The current version of the SRTM 30m DEM has numerous voids that need to be filled. I'd like to hear from the GIS community on the most appropriate methods that can be used to fill the voids within adding additional systematic errors to the DEM.


I was considering resampling the SRTM 90m DEM using the natural neighbours to 30m and using the following to fill the voids within the raw SRTM 30m DEM. Would the following yeild better results than simply filling the voids from the surrounding cells. I'm concerned that some of the voids are pretty large and simply filling the voids from the surrounding cells would not represent the actual topographic features correctly.


If anyone has gone through a similar exercise, please would you mind explaining the functions\tools that you used within ArcGIS to accomplish the following.




Peter Wilson