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Reusing Map control causes map to freeze

Question asked by sfisher on Oct 27, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2015 by Heba.Salehesrinea-esridist

In our Windows Store App (not a map centric app) we use the same map (and map control) on several different pages within the application.  This was done for several reasons, including performance, keeping the map state etc. and originally dealing with a memory leak in the map control when loading/unloading/recreating.  We do this by creating one generic map control and keeping it in the application wide state and reusing when necessary. We create the control and initialize it once and then add/remove the control to the xaml tree when navigating to/from a page that requires a map something like this;

ContentGrid.Children.Add(App.ArcGISMapCtrl); //ContentGrid is a xaml grid

and for removing;



This has been working great for us during all the Beta releases but in this Final release we now get the following behavior;

The first time a page is loaded and we create the map everything works fine and as expected.  Any subsequent navigation to the same page or any other page with a map the page loads fine but the map control is frozen.  Everything else works on the page except the map, is just hung or something.  I can see it, but it is not allowing any interaction.


I can get the map working on all page loads if I re-create the Map control on every page navigation but this kind of defeats the point since everything has to be re-initialized, as well the maps state is lost and would have to be saved/reloaded each time.  The reusing of the map control has been working great for us as users only see some lag in the first map load, but after that maps are always ready right away and in the same state they left.


Was something major changed in the Final release that might affect this?  Any suggestions on what I could try differently?