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One-click to Inbox?

Question asked by aewilson on Oct 25, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2015 by aewilson

Short of creating yet another bookmark in the swamp of bookmarks in my browser, is there a one-click method of getting to "My Inbox"? 


My current schtick is

  1. click on the inbox notice/my avatar in the GeoNet menu bar to get a context menu,
  2. go to "Inbox & Activity" pick
  3. wait for it to populate enough for me to see the inbox link
  4. and then click on Inbox
  5. Wait for the inbox to populate. 


GeoNet isn't the snappiest so it starts to add up.  Having an "Activities" pick and an "Inbox" pick from my avatar/place-where-I-get-the-count-of-notices-waiting-in-my-inbox up there on the GeoNet menu bar instead of a combined one would be one easy way to do that so we would only have the "wait for the inbox to populate rather than the couple of extra click and wait steps above.