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Wondering why I am getting more attribute records when running Feature Class to Geodatabase tools than expected ... thanks

Question asked by versm1ca on Oct 25, 2014
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Hello All,


I am using ArcMap 10 and wondering why I am getting more attribute records when running  Feature Class to Geodatabase
tool  than  I am expecting (I am thinking they ought to be identical but maybe I am wrong?).  What are the possible reason for
created layer ending up with a different number of records in attribute table compared to original?


I copied a Feature Layer from an SDE geodatabase to a Feature Layer of a newly created blank file geodatabase

using the ArcMap built in tool called Feature Class to Geodatabase but for some reason when I open up the attribute

table of the created Feature Layer, I am seeing that it has double the number of records as the original ...


I am somewhat new to Arcmap but from what I have seen as the result of my previous run of the same tool (Feature Class to Geodatabase)
on other feature layers, I always end up with an identical number of records which therefore is what I have learned to expect at this point in my


Wondering what I need to watch out for so that I am guaranteed to always have identical number of features in both the original and created Feature Class when running the above tool?


All help and advise greatly appreciated ... thanks.