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Reprojecting a base map

Question asked by koopaking3 on Oct 24, 2014

I am new to ArcGIS. I have the EDN license (Desktop and Server); have setup ArcGIS for Server in our offline environment; have published several base maps (with caches that ESRI provided me on a DVD) as services; and can use those services with an ArcGisTiledMapServiceLayer from a Silverlight client we are building.


The map displays, I can add our graphics layers to it, and everything works great. But, I do not want to use the default projection that these base map caches have (the 102100 WKID as seen in this arcgisonline service I'd like to use the projection from here: which is the WKID 4326.


Given just the base map caches that I have, is there any way for me to reproject the map using Desktop? Can the client do it on-the-fly? Or can I configure ArcGis for Server to do that reprojection dynamically? Do I need to rebuild the whole cache some how to the new projection? Or find a new cache entirely?


Thank you for your help.