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Queries on Shape.STArea() at level of ArcGIS Server

Question asked by hanidraidi on Oct 25, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2014 by hanidraidi

I have a parcels layer in an enterprise SQL Server Geodatabase (.mdf), when I perform a query on the layer to get the parcels with area larger than 100,000 m2 using find by attributes-dialog box (using “Shape.STArea()>=100000”), it returns the required set of parcels. But, when publishing a map service that contains this layer, and trying to run the same query at the level of ArcGIS Server it does not return any value, whereas it returns values for queries on other fields like ObjectID. What might be the issue here? This is shown with screenshots below.


Thank you.




1- Query using find by attributes




2- The Query runs fine returns the right parcels




3- Query at the level of ArcGIS




4- The query fails




5-  A query with ObjectID field at level of ArcGIS; it runs well!!