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How to use 16-bit TIFF files in ArcMap and Photoshop?

Question asked by fvreumon on Oct 24, 2014

I'm using GMTED2010 height maps downloaded from USGS earth explorer to make a shaded relief map. All works fine in ArcGIS, but I would like to enhance the hillshading with Photoshop according to some tips found her: Value-enhanced relief


However, my 16-bit TIFFs (projected subsets of the GMTED2010 data created with ArcMap) don't display correctly in Photoshop. Ignoring this as differing interpretations of the same data I do some changes in resolution and transparency and then reduce everything back to one layer and save it as TIFF. This TIFF file doesn't display correctly in ArcMap: White spots appear, hillshading doesn't work anymore but results just in noisy surface.


What is the correct way to work with 16-bit TIFF in ArcMap v10.1 and in Photoshop? Or do I need another file format like PNG or JPG? Or it might have to do siomething with the Nodata values?


I appreciate any clues!