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Can you import both symbology AND labels from a created source layer?

Question asked by btsii1987 on Oct 23, 2014

I work with a lot of point based data layers that I create on a daily basis.  In the past up to the present, after creating a point shapefile from an excel sheet with the data, I have a macro that was created using VBScript that put a specialized label on these points. You simply clicked the button and then it labeled each different point (the points represent different types of apartment complexes) based on its apartment type.  What I'm trying to do now, as VBScript is becoming out-dated, is create a Python script using ArcPy that can do the same thing.


In order to do this I have created a Layer file from one of these point shapefiles and have it ready to import the symbology from using the UpdateLayer() function.  The problem is, at best, the UpdateLayer() function will only update the symbology of the new shapefile with the symbology from the created source layer which occurs only when the [import symbology only] parameter is set to True.  If I set it to false, the source layer completely replaces the layer that I want to update.


My question is: Is there a way you can import both symbology and label styles from a source layer?


Someone I spoke to about this earlier suggested adding something at the end of my script to "re-source back to the data [I] want," but I'm not familiar with this process.  Any help or advice would be highly appreciated.