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Question about the Terrain Layer in the new Calculate Max Elevation Figures tool...

Question asked by Bhogsten on Oct 23, 2014

I am playing around with the new Calculate Max Elevation Figures tool a bit to get a feel for it.  I understand what inputs the tool requires and what outputs it requires to function aside from one issue...


When inputting a DEM into the Terrain Layer field, the drop down does not allow me to change the "Terrain Field" to Value, which would be the actual elevations of the DEM pixels.  It ignores the fields in the DEM and instead only gives me the option of "NONE"


As you may expect, the tool runs anyway and does generate MEF values for the cells with DVOF data in them, but since it does not understand where to find the elevation value in the DEM, it simply ignores it in the cells with no DVOF data and assigns a default MEF value to those cells.  I have tried various types of DEMs and the result is the same.  Any idea what I am missing here? I fan fairly certain it is a simple solution and I am missing something simple.