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Drawing aborted

Question asked by phrynosoma on Oct 23, 2014

I keep getting this error message when I use the spatial join tool:


"One or more layers failed to draw:

[layer name]:   There was a problem drawing the shapefile. Drawing aborted."


It is only happening with some point shapefiles that I am attributing to countries.  I don't really need the layer to draw, I just need the attribute table. The attribute table can be viewed; however, when I export the attribute table, I only get two rows of data.


The spatial join tool is working when I use it with some shapefiles that contain the same field headers, but data for a different day.  I have about 7 files that are all the same kind of data, just for 7 different dates. I loaded the datasets into the map as .csv files, used "Display XY" to map the data, exported the points to a new shapefile, and then joined the points to a polygon shapefile of countries.  This worked for five out of seven datasets.


I thought that maybe the two datasets that weren't working were too large, so I deleted more than half of the fields, which I didn't need.  Still, the shapefile failed to draw after the spatial join, and I couldn't get more than two rows of data to export.