GIS Jobs: too many or not enough?... & spatial women... also skilled immigration?

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Are there issues with the GIS employment market?

In the past few weeks I have had discussions with some recent graduates (and also a few older geospatial people) who said that there is a lot of competition for GIS jobs, while at the same time some employers are saying that they can't attract the right job candidates. At first glance this doesn't make much sense- so I became intrigued about the underlying issues.

If the comments above are both true then there is an imbalance of 'employer demand' against 'employee supply’. This does not indicate a healthy GIS employment market. This is particularly surprising given that there is plenty of evidence that the geospatial industry is growing, so I had thought that there should be more than enough jobs to go around.

A related consideration: is there is an equitable distribution of jobs, pay and progression opportunities across genders and across minority groups. I became interested about the proportion of males to females in the industry and whether this is changing.

My thoughts and research into this can be found below- including some original analysis from conference attendances: