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Is it possible to edit individual feature popups in AGOL?

Question asked by CMLC on Oct 21, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2014 by timw1984

I'm working on getting an interactive web map posted on my organization's website using AGOL. I created my map in ArcGIS for Desktop and then shared it as a service. I followed all of the instructions so that the map could be shared publicly through AGOL. My map includes about 6 shapefiles that have multiple features. One shape has about 100 features and 6 attribute fields. I know that I can edit the popups for each layer to adjust the attributes displayed.


However, I would like to edit the popups for individual features so that I can add weblinks or photographs to some of the features. When I edit the popups using the 'configure popup' I can add photos but it adds the same image to all of the features in the layer.Is it possible to edit feature popups individually? Or do I have to go back to ArcGIS for Desktop, add attribute fields for website and photograph and edit each feature record?


(If I do need to add websites/photographes to the attribute table in ArcGIS, I would definitely appreciate instructions/tips on how to do so, so that images appear in AGOL instead of just code or links.)


Thank you for your help!!