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Server replication?

Question asked by dustinholt on Oct 21, 2014
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We currently have two servers in our building, Web and SQL.  We are running ArcGIS Server 2012, SQL Server 2012, Portal for ArcGIS, web adapter and Windows Server 2012 on these machines. We are going to publish web maps and services but we have two problems. First one being we have a very little bandwidth in our area, second our IT does not want to expose these services from our location; they would rather have them in their building 50 miles away. This is good and bad, the good news is they have much better bandwidth so when people start hitting our services there should not be any performance problems. The bad news is my director does not want to physically move our servers to the other location, (it’s political). He is fine with us using virtual machines and replicating or mirroring our two servers to the other location. 


I have been reading over the ArcGIS Resources web site, and have a basic understanding of services definition files and GeoDataBase replication. But, I don’t understand how we can push out our services to the VM’s? Also can we do this in such a way that it is two-way, so if one of my departments using a map service and is editing, how are these edits getting back to our servers with a replicated GeoDataBase?


I may be over thinking this and making it too hard. I have talked with several techs with ESRI and I’m getting conflicting answer on the best way to do it. I maybe not explaining it properly also, has anyone here done something similar to this, or have any good ideas. Thanks.