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nDoes ArcGIS Pro support Raster Catalogs in the Add Data tool? (Doesn't seem to for me...)

Question asked by awells on Oct 21, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2016 by rgrichards

When I go to add data in ArcGIS Pro, and I navigate to a file geodatabase that contains a raster catalog (managed or unmanaged), the raster catalog is missing and I can't select them to load. Mosaic raster datasets do show up.


This would lead me to believe that raster catalogs are not supported in ArcGIS Pro. However, I can import an .mxd file from ArcMap that has a raster catalog in it, and the raster catalog will come into ArcGIS Pro and function as it should.


How do I add raster catalogs to my project without having to import them from an .mxd file?