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2D Sticklog Symbology, ArcMap 10.2

Question asked by gazd0006 on Oct 21, 2014

I am trying to create a 2D profile of a borehole based upon depths as attributes.  From there I want to color each "block/depth area" based upon a different field that describes if it is above or below a certain criteria (RSL, MSL, etc).  I attached an example that I would love to mimic. 


This needs to be done within ArcGIS because I want to eventually use this symbology on a webmap.  The only other option I can come up with is create these "sticklogs" in Microsoft Excel/Word, convert them into .jpgs, and then have a hyperlink.  Not ideal since we want the user to see all of the boreholes together in a specific area as these "sticklogs".


Any help would be appreciated!