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The geometry cannot fall outside the replica extent error

Question asked by mcoop05 on Oct 20, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2015 by milack

This error is driving me crazy when working with offline geodatabases.  Can anyone explain how to avoid this issue when publishing a feature service or configuring local GDB sync? The error makes it sound like it's a property of the database itself, but almost every time this can be resolved by simply opening up the MXD, zooming out or in a little bit and republishing and downloading a new local gdb for the app.  Oftentimes the difference between it working for a small project area and it not working is that we have to zoom the mxd extent out so it covers the entire US before the error goes away and other times we have to zoom in and set a more reasonable extent in the MXD.  Not fun to try and guess what will make the replica extent work for the area we are working in.


This forum post mentions the exact same issue with Collector and the resolution is to adjust the map extent. We're doing this, but it seems like we're missing something or there is a bug/design that is making this more painful than it has to be.


Any insight into the exact properties that should be set to prevent this issue would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!




cc: Michael Davis