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Raster and Elevation Data in Runtime .NET Desktop

Question asked by shepa006 on Oct 18, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2014 by shepa006

What I want to do in a nutshell is get the raster (likely elevation) value at a given point, apply an offset (ie. offset value = value at point + user defined offset), and return a display that shows what has a value above or below that value. I have this working using a custom geoprocessing model but I was hoping that Runtime for .NET would have some built in ways to handle this, given all of the excitement at the Dev Summit about what they were working on. But I have yet to find an effective way to accomplish this using the .NET Desktop Runtime. Some things that I've looked into but couldn't get working were:

1) use the offset value to change the symbology of the raster so that it simply shows two colors, what is >= and what is < the offset value

2) 3D fill of the map so that it just draws in a fill up to the offset value


Any ideas on how to best handle this would be appreciated. Given that this is a desktop app I would really like to let the user point to any raster on their network/computer rather than having to rely on a service but I realize that may not be possible.