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ESRI EEAP vs GIS Consulting

Question asked by drunnero on Oct 17, 2014

In the past our GIS system has supported a small statewide program in the office. Our leadership has now decided they would like to grow the system into an Enterprise system to support all 13 programs within our office. The GIS team is capable of running this system but would like to have some help to fill some of our knowledge gaps and ensure that we are using best practices to build out this system. To do this we are trying to gather information on how to secure this help. Looking at the EEAP program from ESRI it seems like it is a very flexible program that would fill the void we need, but I have heard of some organizations utilizing GIS consulting firms to aid in deploying an Enterprise GIS.  Has anyone had experience with either and can share their experiences or provide some differences in the two?