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ArcGIS Collector not syncing.  Progress bar freezes for hours.

Question asked by ejuser on Oct 16, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2014 by oladipo54404

I am experiencing syncing issues.


I have tried to the retrieve data with the collector script (42579 - Retrieve data collected while Collector for ArcGIS was used in disconnected editing mode).  I get the following error:


I have 2 point hosted feature services contained in a map that have been downloaded into Collector 10.2.6 on a Nexus7 tablet (wifi only).  The services were published to AGOL with the max number of records returned by the server set to 5000.  I have no attachments and editor tracking is not enabled.


I get no error messages, the progress bar just stops progressing after it jumps to either ~10% or ~90% complete.  Is there any diagnostic tools available to assist me with understanding the issue further?