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How To: Authenticate / AGSCredentials with an ArcGIS Online (non-user) App Login?

Question asked by AHughesesriaustralia-com-au-esridist Employee on Oct 16, 2014

Hi All,


I would like my iOS application to authenticate itself as an app without the user being prompted to login with ArcGIS online.


So far

  • Within the app I can successfully consume secure AGOL services using an AGSCredential via initWithUser (however this is a user login and not app login)
  • Outside the app (JMeter & Java) I can perform an app login (App logins and OAuth 2.0 | ArcGIS for Developers )
  • Within the app I can't successfully perform an app login
  • I can not find any reference to app logins in the iOS API, samples, forums and online doco so assistance would be most welcome. I do however see that they are referenced "The techniques described here apply to JavaScript, Flex, and Silverlight, as well as iOS, Android, and similar client devices."


Can anyone explain to me how this can be done or if this is not the correct approach what the correct approach for app authentication should be.


Thanks in advance,