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Managing GIS is about Managing Change

Question asked by Raquel_Perez-esristaff Employee on Oct 16, 2014

Keys to GIS Change Management

So what can a GIS Manager do to keep up with the technology treadmill and
stay relevant?

  1. Create a Change Management Plan as
    part of your living GIS Strategic Plan.
  2. Your Change Management Plan should include regular participation in the Esri Beta Community.
  3. Be aware of and track Esri’s Product Life Cycles and plan for
    the effect of those lifecycles.
  4. Constantly evaluate the coming versions of Esri products so that you know
    what new things they can do for your organization and how to leverage them. 
    This would include educating your customers on any new products and features so
    you can plan how to best implement them.
  5. Strive to understand how the changes are going to affect your current
    organization, systems, and workflows, and if there will need to be any changes
    made in response to these new features and products.