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infoWindow appearing in incorrect location

Question asked by anama123 on Oct 16, 2014
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I am having a frustrating problem with my infoWindow using ArcGIS API for JS.


The scenario is this:

I have 4 buttons, each one of them loads a map (a different one for each button) and each map has one layer associated. So I have four buttons that creates 4 different maps and each map has a layer (layers are also different from each other). I'm also implementing infoWindows, so every time I click the map, it brings up an infoWindow with some information about the layers that were clicked upon. The first time I click any button, the map loads just fine, with the proper size (width=100% y height=100%) and the infoWindow shows up in the right place, where I clicked.


The problem is this:

As I mentioned above, it works everything just the first time I click a button. If I want to see another map, I should click another button and here is where the problem is. When I click another button, this creates a new map and the corresponding layer is added BUT... When the map loads, the size of the map is 400px X 400px and when I click the map, the infoWindow pops up (seemingly randomly) in a incorrect location. I've read countless forum posts on this issue, which telling me to use map.resize(). I either am not understanding where exactly to use these functions, or they're simply not working.


P.S.: On a browser if I load a second map (i.e., after loading the first one) , this is, as described above, the infoWindow pops up in bad location, but if I change the size of the browser, the map starts to show the infoWindow just in the right place, where I clicked. Aalthough the size of the map remains unchanged (400x400).


I've been dealing with this problem over a week now. I'm frustrated and I don't know what else I can do.


Every help, every light is welcome.