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Temporary files in output folder WFS service

Question asked by gbazz on Oct 15, 2014

Hello all,


We have set up a WFS service with ArcGIS for server, that is being queried by third party custom made software. The service appears to be working fine. However, whenever the a request is made by this service, a XML file (about 8 MB) is generated in the output folder that belongs to this service. As far as I know these files are temporary and should be removed after some time.


However, in our system, these files are not removed, at least not before all disk space is used.


So now I have a couple of related questions:


1) When should these files actually be removed by the system?

2) Is there a way to influence the time these files persist on the disk?

3) Do you have any suggestions why these files are not removed by our system (I suspected it may be an issue with rights, but everything seems to be ok in that respect)


Thanks in advance