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About Raster Calculator error

Question asked by edmondsforum on Oct 15, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2014 by curtvprice

Dear all


Beacuse our professor ask us to make each grid into table ( he sayed that let each grid exist number...


so i need to use raster calculator


Professor give us formula :  [your dem] - [your dem] + $$rowmap * $$ncols + $$colmap


ps. My original dem is alisan20mdem

and it will this pic4.jpg


(my prsfessor 's version is 9.3 and I was 10.2.2 )


so..i type formula on and got error message






At first i thought that problem is about Alisan20m1.img , so i delete it


but i found the main problem is $$rowmap !!!  if i type it on  , it would show error message .




but i leave the formula that[ Alisan20m1.img - Alisan20m1.img ] and the message disappeared .


what can i do ?? please teasch me....thank you very much