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10.2.4 Label Visibility Bugs?

Question asked by cedrictest on Oct 15, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2015 by MCederholm

I've been playing with displaying FeatureLayers from a local .geodatabase file.

I've organised some of these layers within a GroupLayer. For example:

  • Roads (GroupLayer)
    • Motorway (FeatureLayer from local geodatabase)
    • Trunk (FeatureLayer from local geodatabase)
    • Primary (FeatureLayer from local geodatabase)
    • Secondary (FeatureLayer from local geodatabase)
    • ...

Each of these FeatureLayers is labelled with the street name.


Observation 1) The label do not respect the visibility of the parent group layer: If I set the visibility of the parent grouplayer (Roads) to false, the features get hidden but the labels will still be displayed. Is this a bug?


Observation 2) The order in which I set visibility of a feature layer and enable/disable the labels is important.

For example, if I set the visibility of the primary road layer to true and enable the labelling, depending on the order in which I perform this, labels may not appear until the map is panned. Is this a bug?