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Slow performance with Utility/PrintingTools (GP service)

Question asked by tiirijar on Oct 15, 2014

We are experiencing very bad performance with Utility/PrintingTools (GP service). At the moment some webmaps can take up to 1.5minutes to get either jpg-preview or pdf-printouts. Worst performance is measured with webmaps containing ~20 layers. Problem exists also with more simple webmaps containing 1-4 layers from Dynamic Mapservers. This issue is about same using standard "a4 landscape" -template and with our own custom templates. Similar webmaps, with similar templates executes approximately 1/4 time in other environment.


I tried to run Server with logging level set to "Debug". I found from log that there is quite big time difference between these two log lines:


Load job ja8ebfb04f24a4627910c4f55c7f9b050 message type REST message size 9947

Beginning of geography phase.


Worst result is having nearly one minute between these successive two lines. In best cases these two lines have only second of few seconds between.


Server is running as version 10.2.1.