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Comparing points to polygon clusters

Question asked by J.E. on Oct 16, 2014



I am working on a project where we are measuring the degree of clustering within a city for 1,300 incidents. I was using the "Average Nearest Neighbor" tool to calculate z- and p-scores, which worked fine. Now, I wan't to compare these values to the actual population of the city, to see if the population or my incidents are clustered at a higher degree (similar as described in the ESRI Turorial on Dengue Fever - page 7 of the PDF).


The problem is, that I have the population not per incident, which would make no sense, but on a fishnet based on 100 x 100 meters. I can also run "Averagy Nearest Neighbor" on my fishnet polygons, but I have a feeling, that this is no valid comparison and that it would make more sense to use a spatial join to count the incidents per fishnet cell and to perform another statistical test - right?


If yes, which other tool(s) than "Average Nearest Neighbor" would you recommend to calcluate the clustering of my fishnet count values (number of incidents vs. number of citizens)?

Thanks a lot for your help,