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Filter by geometry

Question asked by odoe on Oct 14, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2014 by odoe

So the API has a where option and a setWhere method with other time filter methods.

L.esri.Layers.FeatureLayer | Esri Leaflet

Is there a way to set the geometry as well? Right now it uses the bounds of the map to limit queries, but can I override that pretty easily somewhere?

Right now I can jump through some hoops using Turf to do point-in-polygon searches, but it doesn't work if I need to check points outside the bounds of the map not queried yet.

Turfjs/turf-inside · GitHub


I'm thinking I could just query the data on my own, convert to GeoJSON and use Turf + properties filtering to search my results, but was kind of hoping there was a workflow in Esri-Leaflet already to do this. Any ideas?