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Collector in Offline Mode - How do I Not Make Everything Editable

Question asked by nmcnamara on Oct 14, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2014 by rvburton

Does anyone have a workaround for this?


Right now, if you want to use Collector in an offline mode, Esri told me you have to allow all layers to be editable. The way it is, your field crews can accidentally (or intentionally) destroy data and bypass the normal QA/QC process and GIS editors. There needs to be the ability to only allow layers to be edited that we want to be edited, while leaving other layers for query purposes only.

This really seems like a reckless implementation to me… it short-circuts the GIS editor and leaves the data that we try so hard to get right open to get messed up.

I added an entry to ArcGIS Ideas to add this feature. If you agree, would you please promote it? (just log in and hit the thumbs up). I’m not sure how to link to it, but it is called “Collector Offline - Control Editing by Layer.”


Is it possible to block editing on some layers when the user tries to sync edits back up to the server, while allowing edits in the Collector app just to satisfy it? I just want to have one layer for redlining, where the user will make notes and they can be synced back up with the server. Maybe something we can do on the SQL side of things or in ArcGIS Server or something? I’m open to any workaround, otherwise it looks like the app is a dealbreaker for us using mobile, because there really are no other good disconnected options.

The only thing I can come up with is to make an entirely separate database that refreshes itself via a script every night from the real database and when the user checks in, they get that data and if they check in changes, it doesn't hurt the real data. And there would have to be another script that takes the one editable layer and copies into the real database from the duplicate. But this is a messy workaround and doubles the size of the database, and IT would not be happy to have to add so much more data to be backed up.

Thanks for your help.