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ArcGIS Online Rest Service and Analytic Capability

Question asked by takeo.shibata on Oct 14, 2014

I am looking for the document for the Analytic service such as Buffer and Intersect or download the data

for the further analytic by arcpy and python scripts on ArcGIS Desktop


I have done using  batch geocoding service and batch optima;l route service using JSON and pythin on arcpy


I am wondering there is any other capability such as buffer and within (or intersect) and downloading the object data.



If we have several points data (representing the prospective customer store locations),

Which one are within 5 miles from Freeway-5 in Orange County CA?


Also if we would like to have some data like

Street Data in City of Los Angeles, to futher processing in python on arcpy,

Is that possible,


Where are the documents (API detail like URL, input parameter and output format for REST service?)

(I found those for batch geocode and batch optimal route but any other spatial analytic service?)


Thank you!