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How to get the hostname for published services for particular arcgis credentials

Question asked by wasimqadir on Oct 13, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2014 by nasir_siddique

I have been creating a desktop application using Rest API.


I have ArcGIS account credentials on which I have posted some maps and layers. In my application, when I sign in to ArcGIS using my ArcGIS credentials, I need to know the hostname where my maps/layers are published. How can I get that. For one of my ArcGIS account the host name is like 

and for another account it is like 

So, is there a way to figure out what is the hostname where my maps/layers are getting published?

I can definitely see the complete url of my maps/layers when I login to portal in browser and see "My Contents" which lists all my maps/layers and all that sort of stuff.

Thanks and appreciate any help in advance