ArcGIS Pro useful links

Discussion created by cdorn-esristaff Employee on Oct 13, 2014

For those of you that attended the session that Harry and I did today on ArcGIS Pro, thanks for attending!       We'll post the links to all of our team's technical presentations once they are shared on the event site in a few weeks.  In the meantime and as promised, find some useful links below to additional resources and information all about Pro!


  1. ArcGIS Pro information
  2. Getting Started with Pro (Includes links to System requirements, FAQs, and new Tutorials!)
  3. "Know Before you Pro" videos to learn more about getting access to Pro via My Esri and other licensing tips
  4. There were some questions about Python at the end of the session, please review this and let us know tomorrow if you have additional questions!
  5. Finally, after following this "365 24x7 Pacific Conference" Group make sure you follow the ArcGIS Pro Space on GeoNet, too!